One great (free) way to quickly manipulate images and add text is www.picmonkey.com. But, on-the-go, PicMonkey is a no-go. It doesn’t work on Apple products because of the Flash issue.

The OVER app is a great work-around.

As of this writing, it’s only for iPhone, but they say an Android version isn’t far behind. What sets OVER apart from the plethora of other photo editing apps is the great typography. No boring Comic Sans and Verdana!

The app allows you take a photo or grab one from your camera roll. You add whatever text you’d like, pick a font, size and tint — and realign the text till you’re satisfied with the final result.

You can save the edited photo to your camera roll and/or “Share” to other social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr …. and maybe soon Pinterest.

The app is $1.99 and for another $1.00, you can unlock even more great fonts. Pick up the app at the App Store here.