Jody Murphy, M.S.

I'm a visual marketing specialist. I love teaching do-it-yourself entrepreneurs and marketing pros with no design talent how to create eye-catching images in PicMonkey and Canva.

Ninja Trick: Eye Dropper Chrome Extension

Here’s a favorite Ninja Trick from one of the Visual Marketing Clinics I teach in Richmond, VA. One of my current frustrations with Canva (a tool I love) is that they don’t have a built-in color picker tool. PicMonkey has one that I use all the time. I’ve spoken with the Canva folks and they’re working on adding a color picker… Read more →

Vincent Ng shows step by step how to use Pin4Ever to pin anything from anywhere. Thanks, Vincent!

How to Pin Anything From Anywhere

It can be frustrating to land on a great website that you want to pin to the perfect Pinterest board, but there are no pinnable images to be found.  My go-to solution used to be a Chrome extension called ShotPin. But, a couple months ago, it stopped working. Caput! I found some other add-ons, but none worked as well or were flexible enough to… Read more →

Richmond VA free workshops to learn how to use PicMonkey and Canva to make effective graphics for social media marketing - fast! |

Live in Metro Richmond & Want to Learn Easy Ways to Make Graphics for Marketing?

 A “Round Up” is for Entrepreneurs Who: Own or handle marketing for a locally-owned business Are non-designers with no previous graphics experience Want to learn easy ways to make their own graphics to increase visibility, connect with customers in new ways and generate more business Have 4 – 6 business allies in metro RVA who share the above criteria How a… Read more →

Canva is another fun online image editing tool -- free to use unless you purchase images from their site. Try it out and see what you think. You can't break anything, so knock yourself out. |

Have You Tried Canva Yet?

– For years, we were faithful Picnik users. When Google shut down Picnik in the spring of 2012, we followed a handful of Picnik developers over to the new iteration — PicMonkey. When Australian upstart launched Canva last year, we were in an early early beta round. They had fun layout templates and a fabulous selection of fonts, but like any… Read more →

A consistently updated business blog gives your website 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links

Why You Should Blog More Often

I could have named this article “Everything Old Is New Again.” Using a blog as a marketing tool is as old as the technology itself, but because of the fine-tuning Google and other search engines have made over the years to reward relevant content-rich websites, the benefits of business blogging are in the spotlight again. Read more →

Say it in 5 Words or Less

News Flash:  Consumers on mobile devices are using fewer than 5 words to find you. What’s are the top 10 keyword phrases you want your business to be found for? Don’t skip this step. Which 4-5 word keyword phrases would be your top picks to use when optimizing your Google+ Local page, website and blog posts? Are they delivering the… Read more →

Two Free Sources of Quality Photos

Using top quality photos to promote your company is part of the cost of doing business. You hire professionals to capture the most important shots. First impressions are everything. It’s also in your best interest to keep learning how to improve the quality of the photos you take yourself so you build up an inventory you can use without worry… Read more →

What is inbound marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Since 1994, most of the marketing and lead generating I’ve done for companies involves using new media and technology. That was back before broadband, MySpace, Go-to-Meeting, Google … and Mark Zuckerberg was still in middle school. I’m proud of these gray hairs! Now there’s a term for the type of marketing we were experimenting with back in the salad days… Read more →