Big Mill Bed & Breakfast: A Social Media Marketing Success Story

This Success Story is long overdue – but I’m glad I procrastinated. Doing a retrospective that spans 7 years just has a lucky vibe to it!

Innkeeper Chloe Tuttle has been a client of mine for nearly 8 years. We have definitely seen amazing – sometimes unsettling – shifts in the social media marketing landscape during our time together. We’ve also become great friends and intrepid allies.

As we wrap up the first seven years of Chloe’s blog and social media experiment, now seemed like a perfect time to recap, synthesize and peer into the future.

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It doesn’t matter what kind of local business you’re in — Chloe’s success isn’t exclusive to the travel and hospitality niche.

Integrating a business blog with the right mix of social media channels and email updates, delivered consistently over time with equal parts passion, perserverance and eye-catching images can work for any locally owned business.

If you could use some help putting the pieces into place, give me a shout.