Why You Should Blog More Often

A consistently updated business blog gives your website 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed linksI could have named this article “Everything Old Is New Again.” Using a blog as a marketing tool is as old as the technology itself, but because of the fine-tuning Google and other search engines have made over the years to reward relevant content-rich websites, the benefits of business blogging are in the spotlight again.

What’s more, because of the proliferation of social networks, a blog post takes on new life when cross-promoted. Having an asset you can leverage on multiple channels — online and offline — should be all the motivation you need to kick things up a notch. Still, most local business owners struggle and/or fail to publish and cross-promote a weekly blog.

Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. The best articles answer the same questions you field on a daily basis from customers and prospects.

My best tip:   Listen and ask. Answer questions. Then listen, ask and answer some more.

My 2nd best tip:   Don’t be afraid to say “Uncle.”

If you don’t want to handle the content production and follow up in-house, hire it out. Find an expert to write, optimize and cross-promote in social media and email. Be sure they are skilled at extracting your expertise and consistently reflect your company’s voice and personality in the posts they produce for you.  This is critical. Simple, but not always easy.

Whether you hire me or a different blog content manager – don’t let the challenge of finding time and talent to create and leverage educational marketing content sabotage your best intentions for reaching revenue goals. You will be rewarded.