Ninja Trick: Eye Dropper Chrome Extension

Here’s a favorite Ninja Trick from one of the Visual Marketing Clinics I teach in Richmond, VA.

One of my current frustrations with Canva (a tool I love) is that they don’t have a built-in color picker tool. PicMonkey has one that I use all the time. I’ve spoken with the Canva folks and they’re working on adding a color picker to their platform.

For now – here’s the workaround I recommend for Canva.  Bonus – I’m sure you’ll find other uses for it as well!

The Tool:  Eye Dropper

This is a Chrome extension that lets you pick colors from various sources. Simple and simply awesome.

Use this cool Chrome extension as a workaround for Canva color-picking. An easy Ninja Trick from

If you haven’t already installed Chrome, that’s step 1.

Using Chrome as your browser, go here and “Add” the Eye Dropper extension.

Once installed, you’ll notice a tiny eye dropper in the top right-hand corner of your toolbar.

The Eye Dropper tool is very intuitive to use. Play around. You can’t break anything.

To get the color code you want to match for your Canva design:  Use the Eye Dropper to “Pick color from a web page.” Move the dropper over the color you want to match, click and grab the 6 alpha-numeric series after the #.


Type the 6 letters/numbers visible in that bottom corner into Canva’s Color Code # field. My memory for numbers is horrendous, so that quick option doesn’t work for me.

No worries. Just click the eye dropper again and you’ll see everything you need in the pop up window. Copy the color code you want from there and paste it into the Canva Color Code field.

Hit enter and your perfect match color is on your pallet.

Eye_Dropper_Chrome_Extension_goldBonus Tip:  It’s super easy to declutter your Canva color pallet and get rid of colors you don’t need any more. Just drag the color circle(s) you don’t want off the pallet. Poof. Gone.

I can see that the Eye Dropper extension has many more cool applications beyond this essential Canva workaround. I’ll learn more when I need to explore. If you find helpful ways to use it it, I’d love to hear them.