Two Free Sources of Quality Photos

Using top quality photos to promote your company is part of the cost of doing business. You hire professionals to capture the most important shots. First impressions are everything.

It’s also in your best interest to keep learning how to improve the quality of the photos you take yourself so you build up an inventory you can use without worry about copyright issues. It’s handy to have sources of high quality photographs bookmarked to keep your website and blog posts inviting and fresh when you’re in a pinch.

There are lots of royalty-free stock photo sites out there, but they still cost you and even at a few dollars a pop, it can add up if you’re creating visual impact content as frequently as you should. Free is good.

You can find hundreds of free images on Google, but what most people don’t realize is to play it safe. To avoid violating copyright issues, always use the “Advanced Image Search” filter and select “Only images labeled for reuse.” That keeps you legal. Unfortunately, once you put on the advance filter, the chances of finding quality, eye-catching images dwindles to a trickle. is one of our favorite spots for finding free high resolution digital stock photography for either business or personal use. Another great source is

Here’s a fun collage created on PicMonkey compiled from Morgue File photos for a November promotion we’re working on for one of our gourmet specialties clients.  Of course, we’ll cross-promote on Facebook (use png files there), Google+ and Pinterest too.