Grassroots Revolt: Facebook Are You Watching?

I am a huge fan of Dr. Jeremy Dean’s PsyBlog and follow it in multiple ways: email updates, Twitter, G+ and Facebook.

The only way I ever see his Facebook updates are via my Nutshell Mail 3x day recap – but most people have never heard of Nutshell Mail and miss a lot of things they might enjoy reading and sharing. Alas.

Anyway, the description in PsyBlog’s status update today definitely made me chuckle. If you look closely at the screenshot (above), you’ll see that Dr. Dean has gone ROGUE!

I love business owners with “challenge authority” pluck and regularly cheer for the underdog. He tells it like it is to the miniscule number of fans actually seeing the post in their newsfeed:

Facebook is hiding his content from the 72,000+ fans who’ve “Liked” his page unless he pays $40 PER POST to get into their newsfeed.

The link he includes takes you to a special landing page on his website:

On his website, he’s gone a step beyond — Removing the Facebook icon as an option for following him.

I predict we’ll see more and more of this happening: Removing the FB option from the front end, explaining WHY there are better ways to follow your business to stay in the loop  — and an increasing adoption of G+ as an attractive channel for cross-promotion.

This doesn’t mean businesses will close down their FB pages or stop posting, but expectations will be scaled way down and new habits with positive reinforcements will be formed.

As businesses make this shift, they’ll discover residual benefits and begin to lean on Facebook less and less as a marketing or relationship-building tool. This will be especially true for micro businesses and independent professionals with small promotional budgets.

What’s your take? Will we see more micro business owners going rogue — not spending $$ to promote Facebook updates, but not severing ties with FB either?

(By the way, if you haven’t tried using Nutshell Mail to monitor what you’d otherwise miss on Facebook from people you’ve “Liked,” give it a try).