Bait the Hook with Eye Catching Images You Make Yourself

Learn to make your own graphics for social media and you'll create more content more often, which means more opportunities to attract new eyeballs and make connections.  |

I’m working on a few new promo pieces for the “Marketing with Pinterest” clinics I teach for Visual Pop in the Richmond, VA area. The image above is one that makes me smile.

I admit when I read the factoid about the average attention span of a goldfish being nine seconds, I was left wondering who in the world thinks about how (or why) to study random stuff like that. Things that make you go “hmmmm.”

Also, I question the accuracy that homo sapiens have attention spans as long as 8 seconds. That seems overly generous.

What I know for sure

As a business owner trying to get noticed and make meaningful connections, you better have a stash of ninja tricks to grab attention in nano seconds. That’s where learning to quickly create your own images for social media can give your business a competitive (and creative) advantage.

Sure, I love it when you hire me to create sharable images for your marketing, but I’ll be the first to tell you — learn how to make these quickie images yourself! When you or someone on staff knows the tips and tricks I teach, you’ll produce more content more often.

More eye-catching visual content means more opportunities to connect with customers and prospects who will share your gems. And with the new online tools for easy image editing, you don’t need artistic talent or design skills.

Absolutely – you can figure out how to do it on your own, but will you? My advice is always to find a teacher. Take a class to boost your skills, confidence and usable inventory quickly.

Visual Pop is one place where you can learn how to make your own graphics for marketing your business or non-profit.

There are plenty of others, I’m sure.

Just find yourself a good teacher and dive in.