About Your Trainer and Coach

My name is Jody Murphy. I teach do-it-yourself entrepreneurs, independent professionals and marketing assistants how to create eye-catching graphics for blogs, social media channels, newsletters, flyers and other promotional materials.

Full disclosure:  I can’t draw worth a damn and creating anything in Photoshop makes me grouchy.

But I create consistently fabulous graphics. You can too. I’ll teach you how.

Online private lessons are the way to go for one-on-one training wherever in the US you are, when it’s convenient for you. Learn by doing, 30-minutes to an hour at a time.

Visual Pop Q&A clinics are perfect if you’re in the Midlothian and Richmond, Virginia area. To host a clinic, all you need is a meeting room with chairs and tables/desks, wifi and a projector that hooks up to a laptop. And if you’re a with non-profit organization or club, we can arrange for meeting space at one of the public libraries in your county.

Invited participants bring their laptops, any projects they want help with and “how-do-I” questions we’ll cover during 90-minutes together.

Here are the best ways to get in touch:

804-794-6073 – office
804-839-3939 – mobile