Have You Tried Canva Yet?

Canva is another fun online image editing tool -- free to use unless you purchase images from their site. Try it out and see what you think. You can't break anything, so knock yourself out.  | interplaymkt.com

For years, we were faithful Picnik users. When Google shut down Picnik in the spring of 2012, we followed a handful of Picnik developers over to the new iteration — PicMonkey.

When Australian upstart launched Canva last year, we were in an early early beta round. They had fun layout templates and a fabulous selection of fonts, but like any new technology – it was buggy and crashed too many times to be a positive experience.

The frustration of having our designs-in-progress sucked into cyberspace was a big time waster.  Plus back then, Canva only worked on Chrome, so we returned to using our “premium” PicMonkey account for creating graphics and promised to return to Canva after they’d worked out more of the kinks.

But over the intervening months, PicMonkey’s near stagnant selection of font choices grew tiresome. Restless for more, we gave Canva another shot.

What a difference 6 months makes!

We still use PicMonkey for many design projects, including doing things that Canva either doesn’t offer or makes you do handstands to accomplish. But wow – Canva is our go-to choice for fun layout ideas and delightful font variety. Often, we’ll start a project in one platform and take it as far as we can, save the file and import into the other platform to enhance with features they have that the other is missing.

And we never even have to open Photoshop to get great results like these:

graphics created in canva have variety without artistic talent or headaches

This is only the tip of the Canva Creation “iceberg”

A wonderful bonus of using Canva is that it will save your projects so you can go back in and edit even after you’ve closed the program and rebooted your machine. In PicMonkey, once you start a new project in the same browser window, you can’t go back in and edit. I teach a few insider tricks for making changes to existing graphics to my students, but even those are limiting.

Give Canva a try.  Be fearless as you tinker around. You can’t break anything. The worst that will happen is you might lose your work and have to start over.

If you live in central Virginia or eastern North Carolina, learn PicMonkey and Canva tips and tricks in a fun group setting. Bring your laptop and sense of adventure. Complete the form for details and schedule. And if your company or organization would like to sponsor a Visual Pop workshop, send me a note from here and I’ll get right back to you.

Roll with it and share your creations with us – jody (at) visualpop101 <dot> com.