How to Pin Anything From Anywhere

Vincent Ng shows step by step how to use Pin4Ever to pin anything from anywhere. Thanks, Vincent!

It can be frustrating to land on a great website that you want to pin to the perfect Pinterest board, but there are no pinnable images to be found.  My go-to solution used to be a Chrome extension called ShotPin. But, a couple months ago, it stopped working. Caput!

I found some other add-ons, but none worked as well or were flexible enough to let you select a portion of the screen.

Enter Pin4Ever.

Actually, Pin4Ever has been around for eons in the relatively short lifespan of Pinterest. I’ve used it many times to back up client Pinterest accounts.

But until reading Vincent Ng’s blog post a couple weeks ago, I never realized there was a way to Pin Anything from inside the application.  And did I mention that this can all be done using the free version of Pin4Ever?

Even though Vincent’s post focuses on using to post from Facebook to Pinterest, I want to be sure you know that these instructions work for posting to Pinterest boards from any website where no pinnable images are found. Very handy indeed. Thanks, Vincent!

Here’s the lowdown, step-by-step straight from Vincent’s blog – with video and screenshots. This guy covers all the learning styles!


Read the full blog post here, complete with screenshots



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