Save Time & Still Monitor Social Media

Here is a tip that can lead to an increase in referral sources, connections and visibility — without adding additional effort. One of the smartest ways to use Facebook is to “Like” the business pages / personal pages of people, organizations and media channels who can be strong influencers and allies in growing your business. The same strategy works on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

If the mere thought of following all these folks seems too daunting to manage you’re in good company. Here’s an efficient and effective way to monitor your news feed so you don’t miss anything important, but you also don’t get sucked down a black hole of wasted time on social media.

Also, be aware that Facebook drastically curtails what they display in your news feed. You need a stealth method, or you’ll miss posts from people and businesses you follow who might be important to follow up with and/or otherwise would give you a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and see where the relationship might lead.

Nutshell Mail to the Rescue

This is a free tool (acquired by Constant Contact) and is available to everyone. Nutshell Mail works sort of like Google Alerts, but it tracks and reports on social activity, not keywords. You set it up to deliver what you tell it to from Facebook, Twitter and more, including wall posts, messages, friend requests and even pokes (don’t get me started!)

I’ve been using it for about 6 months and swear by it. I get a daily update, but you can set it for more frequent updates if you’d prefer.

Nutshell sends me an HTML email that I can quickly scan for everything that’s been posted by the 400+ pages I’ve “Liked” on Facebook and monitor news for people I’m connected to on Linked In and Twitter.

And, if you see something you want to respond to with a “Like” or “Comment,” it’s so easy. You can do it right from the email, another great timesaver.

Here’s a video overview to see if Nutshell Mail is a good solution for you.