Knowing When to Farm Things Out & Preserve Your Sanity

No matter how much you've tried, sometimes you should just throw in the towel. Knowing WHEN is the magic piece. Before you've driven yourself crazy and wasted time you'll never recover. Recommended resource on blog:

Call in the experts to make your life easier all around.

I’ve been doing and teaching desktop publishing, blog marketing, image creation and copy writing for the better part of 40 years. Early on, I learned what may be the most valuable lesson of all:

When to say “Uncle”

I am hard-wired to learn new things. I pride myself on being mostly self-taught (with help from close, patient friends and family) and enjoy the do-it-yourself side of creating effective marketing programs for locally owned businesses.

But, I also know my limits. There are many things I could (probably should) learn how to do, but honestly — I don’t give a crap about them.

Still, these are things that need to be done in order to get the desired end result. But for those handful of things — I stink at doing them. I know 100% of the time, it isn’t worth the woman-hours, brain power and days of balled-up fists to make myself power through.


What’s This Have to Do with My Advice to Hire a Pro to X Your Ex?

I adore using PicMonkey, Canva and a few of the other online image editing tools. I’ve got a knack for it and work feels like eating dessert. Even better, I love teaching non-designers whatever I know that they want to learn about social media and visual marketing.

Still, there are a handful of things I suck at.

Removing and/or adding people from photos – i.e. your “ex.”

Restoring vintage photos – don’t even get me started.

Making eyes open and weird smiles look normal. Forgetaboutit.

Stuff like that takes me HOURS to do and parches my spirit.


Recently, I discovered a fabulous new service called It meets all my criteria for farming things out. They’re approachable, affordable and fast.  Starting at $5.00 per image, their expert tweakers remove the friction and frustration – And within a mere 24 hours, my wishes are granted. Guaranteed.

Should I keep this service my little secret? Probably, but that’s not my nature. I want my students and clients to know about PicTricks and use them when the situation fits. Everybody wins.

Here’s My Favorite Part

As I look through PicTricks’ Hall of Change page at samples of all the things that go wrong with images that they’re happy to fix for you, I realize that 95% of them are tweaks I can do myself.  In fact, most of them are easy and fun to do using PicMonkey and Canva.

Even better, they’re the same tweaks, tips and tricks I teach private lesson clients and students in the metro Richmond group workshops.

PicTricks is a new service that makes it fast and affordable to fix what's wrong with photos you can't easily fix yourself with PicMonkey and Canva. Learn more :

After taking Visual Pop training, you can do 95% of these cool things yourself!

Identifying where your personal “Uncle” points are isn’t something that happens overnight. My advice:  Dive in. Take private or group lessons, learn the insider tricks and practice making lots of graphics for social media posting and other marketing your business does.

Pay attention. What kinds of things are you doing when you realize you’re feeling energized and happy? Which things are you doing that wear your ass out, no matter how hard you try to cheer yourself on?

Follow the clues. Then, allow yourself to relish doing those things that spur you on – the ones that leave you smiling and looking forward to the next challenge.

The ones that wear you out … well, you know what to do with those.